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When one decides to switch to solar energy, the hard part is picking the right solar company for the job. It’s hard because there are several options out there, so finding a company with attributes like value for money and reliable customer service is easier said than done.

The good news is, we have done the research and have come up with the ideal solution. The Sunrun Solar Company is our top pick, and as a leading installer of solar panels in the country, we believe it is the best fit for anyone looking to invest in solar energy for the first time.

As the largest residential solar energy company in the United States, Sunrun is responsible for the installation of solar energy systems that are currently generating over 1600 megawatts of power. The company caters to hundreds of thousands of Americans spread out across 19 states, including Washington D.C., plus thousands more in Puerto Rico.

As the pioneer of the solar-as-a-service model, Sunrun is responsible for lowering the entry barrier for residential solar installation. Their innovative solar technology boasts twice the efficiency of standard renewable energy systems, and there is more to be expected as the company continues to innovate the energy generation and storage capabilities of their products.

The Pros

Flexible Payments

Sunrun offers numerous financing options, some of which at the time of publishing this, require 0% down and can be paid conveniently through monthly installments.

Customers can acquire solar energy system on the lease or through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Both these options don’t require a down-payment, so anyone can reap the benefits of solar energy as the system pays for itself.

Customers can also make an outright purchase or a prepayment for a solar energy system if they wish to pay in advance.

  • Highly Customized Setups

Sunrun ensures that your setup matches every home’s energy needs to ensure that customers are only paying for what they need. The company takes several factors into account, including lifestyle, size of the building, and personal energy-saving objectives.

Their Automated Site Modeling software uses satellite imagery to scan your rooftop. This, along with other information, is used to design a custom solar energy system that maximizes energy generation while using the least amount of space and resources.

25 Years of Free Maintenance

One of the perks of choosing their PPA payment model is that customers receive up to 25 years of free maintenance. Buying a unit using their PPA option means that the equipment still belongs to Sunrun, and as such, they are responsible for keeping them operational. In fact, Sunrun issues refunds for any panels that produce less energy than advertised.

Dedicated Customer Service

Sunrun has a dedicated team of customer service representatives that’s based in the U.S. They are always on hand to answer questions and provide guidance to the hundreds of thousands of customers that the company caters to.

Energy Storage Options Available

One of Sunrun’s best-selling products, the Brightbox, allows customers to enjoy a backup supply of solar-generated power in the event of an outage. This innovative solar energy battery automatically switches consumption from the solar panels to the battery pack to the grid, depending on the situation.

Like their solar energy systems, Brightbox is available for purchase or leasing according to their solar-as-a-service model.

Trackable Installation Process

One of the unique things about Sunrun is the mySunrun app. Through this app, consumers can keep track of the entire installation process, from the moment the company dispatches technicians for a site inspection up until the submission of permission documents to the local utility company.

Sunrun adheres to a strict installation procedure that involves informing the local government and evaluating your home for a customized solar energy system. The company is generally very transparent with its customers. Their website is enriched with useful content, FAQs, guarantees, and all the information about their products and services.

Extended Warranties

Sunrun offers a 10-year warranty for all items that are purchased in full. The warranty covers the equipment as well as the roof on which it is installed. The complementary roof warranty covers problems like roof leaks and holes for the same amount of time.

Sunrun also monitors the energy output of every system they install to anticipate and solve problems before they become significant.

Wide Coverage

In addition to covering a total of 19 states, including Vermont, New York, Florida, and Arizona, Sunrun offers a vast resource of information and actionable tips on their website. All the information customers might need, from pricing to incentives and rebates, is available in easy-to-digest posts on the company’s official website.

Years of Installation Experience

The Cons

Outsourced Installations

Sunrun may outsource installation jobs in remote areas to third-party technicians. Even though they are thoroughly vetted and trained before approval, outsourcing sometimes leads to inefficiencies that are typically not experienced with an in-house team. Fortunately, Sunrun is constantly monitoring the state of their customers’ power units to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal power consumption.


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Last Updated: December 09, 2020

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It is clear why Sunrun is the leading solar company in America. They offer flexible payment options, extended roof and solar panel warranties, and real-time power usage monitoring to ensure that their customers are getting value for their investment. They are a trusted installer with years of experience in the business and a reliable partner for homeowners looking for affordable financing options.

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