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The SunPower Corporation was founded in 1985 and has since been a reliable supplier of solar power solutions for commercial and non-commercial applications. As an industry veteran and a global pioneer in solar harnessing technology, the company has consistently innovated its expansive solar product line. It is currently in possession of over 500 patents for solar technology in the United States.

SunPower is best known for their state-of-the-art solar panels, which generate more power than traditional solar panels. Aside from their quality construction and the highly efficient technology behind them, these panels break away from the standard blue photovoltaic cell and white frame design. Instead, they’re all black and score very highly as far as aesthetics and appearance go.

SunPower offers panels in different sizes and wattages to fit the needs of both commercial and residential clientele. The panels are distributed and installed by a massive network of certified dealers spread across America.

The solar company has made renewable energy accessible by lowering entry barriers such as cost and availability. Anyone interested in installing solar power at their residential or commercial premises should read on to discover the pros and cons of choosing SunPower.


Flexible Purchase Options

SunPower allows its customers to pay for solar power installation and equipment in three ways:

  • Cash purchase
  • Solar leasing
  • Loan financing

Purchasing outright is as straightforward as it sounds. Customers can enjoy tax credits when they make an outright cash purchase for SunPower Solar equipment.

As for solar leasing, customers can still enjoy lower electric bills even when they don’t own the system. SunPower Capital leases out equipment for specified monthly payments, and the lease comes with a 25-year performance guarantee. Leasing customers also get easy options to transfer the lease should the need to do so arise.

There are also financing options available for customers who wish to get their banks involved. These options are quite flexible with loan terms that range from 5 to 25 years and no prepayment penalties involved.

How much a solar system costs ultimately depends on a list of factors such as power consumption, the amount of unshaded roof space available, the customer’s current energy usage, and the local utility metering policy. Fortunately, SunPower is willing to provide interested customers with free quotes.

Forward Thinking Solar Technology

With over 30 years of innovation in its repertoire, SunPower is home to some of the most advanced solar technologies on the planet. The company has continuously revamped and refined traditional solar cell equipment to create a highly-efficient solar panel type that’s easy on the eye.

The company’s solar modules are 22.3 % more efficient and have a temperature coefficient of just -0.29. They generate more power and less heat than standard photovoltaic cells. Each panel contains anti-reflective glass with a layer of anti-reflective film to maximize sunlight absorption and improve durability.

The SunPower X Series line of solar panels is particularly adept at power generation, producing an estimated 44 % more energy per watt than similar panels from other manufacturers. More clean power at the same price means that these panels offer great value for money, especially for residential customers who need fewer panels and smaller solar systems.

SunPower solar panels produce up to 75 percent more energy per watt than conventional panels, and they retain a high level of energy production even in partially shaded conditions.

Sleek Appearance

SunPower solar panels are all black, and they come with sleek, inconspicuous mounting systems, which contribute to their excellent aesthetics and stunning overall appearance. They won’t be an eyesore on residential rooftops like many of the standard blue and white panels often turn out to be.

Ample Battery Storage

SunPower ensures that power outages are a thing of the past by equipping its systems with the SunVault™ storage battery. It is a sleek, high-capacity power storage solution that is compatible with the SunPower Equinox®, one of their best residential solar power systems. Customers can rest assured that their homes will stay powered up in the event of an outage, thanks to this powerful battery pack.

Power Monitoring Capabilities

SunPower puts the power in its ' hands customers' hands by allowing them to view and control every aspect of their power generation and consumption. Customers can monitor their solar systems' status and performance via a convenient app that pairs with smartphones and other smart devices.

Through the app, customers can access information such as the power output, their historical power consumption, energy production, and even what they can expect to save each year from utilizing clean, renewable energy.

A monitoring kit can also be installed in compatible sites to allow homeowners (and commercial users too) to view stats about their historical and current energy usage in great detail.

Numerous Warranties

Customers are covered multiple times over with SunPower’s industry-leading warranties, which include a 25-year performance guarantee, a 25-year workmanship warranty (for labor and installation), and a 25-year Complete Confidence product warranty (for the equipment).


Non-Commercial Buyers Can’t Access Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Unfortunately, only commercial buyers are eligible for a PPA, which allows them to obtain solar systems without a down-payment. However, the lease option is still a viable avenue for customers looking to enjoy the immediate financial benefits (and a flat-rate) of installing a solar system.

Sluggish Customer Service

A company, the size of SunPower is bound to receive a lot of queries and feedback, so their customer service falls short in a couple of areas. Aside from the usual difficulties experienced when trying to reach a representative and the response delays, their customer service is decent, even though there is room for improvement.

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Last Updated: February 02, 2021

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SunPower offers top-of-the-line solar equipment with affordable payment options to make quality renewable energy accessible to all. They consistently push the envelope with their highly innovative panel technologies, state-of-the-art monitoring, and unrivaled product warranties that protect their customer’s solar systems.

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I recently chose SunPower for my home’s solar installation in Connecticut and I couldn't be happier! The team was knowledgeable and professional, guiding me through every step. The installation was quick and tidy, and the durability of the panels has already proven itself against our unpredictable weather. Plus, my electricity bills have noticeably decreased! SunPower's excellent service and reliable follow-up have made this an outstanding experience. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to go solar in Connecticut!

Posted 3 months ago

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