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In recent years, the incentives for going solar have provided a surge in residential and commercial installations. In the sea of solar providers it can be both difficult and time intensive to navigate the waters. We vet the best and the worse solar companies the USA has to offer to help you Go Solar with Confidence™

Every company has been broken down into parts so that you can easily see a side-by-side comparison of each company and weigh the pros and cons. In addition our analysis, we encourage you to read real, verified reviews and to leave your own feedback reflecting your personal experience. Your contributions make AnswerSolar a more valuable resource for others just like you.


Multiple Financial Options

Sungevity understands that people's budgets vary. To accommodate everyone, the company creates various ways for a client to pay for a home's solar system. With Sungevity, a homeowner can enjoy solar loan, lease, and PPA payment methods.

As a result, homeowners can save on their electricity bills. The options come with a 24-hour monitoring system to ensure you pay promptly and all goes well. Sungevity assures value for money by offering a 20-year warranty on the system and panels.

But for those who can pay cash for the solar panels, the company offers the best price, making it the best saving option. If confused about what option to take, the Sungevity consultants will help you understand their financial prospects and benefits. 

Remote Solar Designing

With Sungevity, there is no need to climb on the customers' roofs to get a personalized quote. Thanks to the company's remote designing tool that views the roof tracks the sunlight amount and creates an accurate photo of how the panels will look like and function.

But the homeowner will need to answer some questions first over the phone. The remote tool will also show the customer what he or she will save by using a specific paying option offered by the company.

Customer-Tailored Solar Solutions

Sungevity cares about its customers, and that's why the company doesn't offer cookie-cutter solar solutions. Instead, its professional advisors help create solar panels that suit each client's needs and budget.

The company's solar panels come in a sleek design with low-impact mounting hardware. Its systems also accommodate various functionalities and storage options. For example, the EV chargers. Customers can add the features at the moment or sometime after the installation of the solar system.

Long-Term Warranties

Sungevity has its customers at heart, explaining why it offers various warranties for its products and services. Customers enjoy 20 years equipment warranty, which also covers the inverter, panels, and other equipment.

With the company's 25-year performance warranty, customers get guaranteed a particular energy output level. The installation and labor costs also get catered for by a 20-year workmanship warranty.

Mobile App for Convenience

Sungevity embraces technology and uses it for the benefit of its customers. With its informative mobile app, customers can access all the information they need about the company and its solar products at their fingertips.

The app works on all iOS and Android devices to allow access from more clients. From the Sungevity app, one can track his or her solar panels' progress and the energy produced. Customers also track the amount of power they consume from the app. What's exciting is that they can do it at any time and location.

The app users also access the company's customer service and earn points when referring people to the app.

Welcoming Customer Service

According to Sungevity's customer reviews, the company has competent, warm, professional, helpful, fast, and informative customer service. Questions get answered on time, and they are quick to offer valuable advice to their clients.

In case a client decides to move on or transfer ownership to another person before the expiry term of the contract, the company offers all the support and help required. The company's well trained and experienced customer service will handle how the remaining payments will get cleared, lease termination, system removal, and other necessary action.

Despite the company's many advantages, it has got a few disadvantages as follows;


  • Inadequate Site Information
  • Not Available Everywhere

Inadequate Site Information

Though the company's site has got information about its products, it does not offer valuable details like technical specifications. Its FAQ section also contains sparse information that cannot educate its customers.

Not Available Everywhere

Sungevity today offers its services to only Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and Connecticut. Customers from other locations other than these get denied the opportunity to enjoy this company's solar installation services.

Company Details

Best Panels Available
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Workmanship Warranty
20 years
Equipment Warranty
20 years
Pay, Lease, Loan, PPA
Number of States Serviced
Time in Business
13 years

Last Updated: December 09, 2020

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Because of its skills and experience, Sungevity has won the hearts of many customers. It is one of the better rated solar installing companies in the US. If you live within its area of operation and you require a rooftop solar system, contact Sungevity. Their customer service will meet your need on time and at an affordable price.

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