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KOTA Energy Group is a company that brokers solar equipment and services on behalf of its customers. According to KOTA's website, it appears to cater primarily to residential consumers that are interested in acquiring solar systems. The company is based in Camarillo, California, which is its corporate headquarters, but they also have locations in Antelope Valley, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. They have partnered with solar installation and financing companies such as Sunrun, Sunlight, Loanpal, and Renew Financial to provide a wide range of services, including solar installation and maintenance, consultation, site assessment, permit submission, and the sale of solar equipment like panels, battery storage systems and home automation systems. The company also lists roofing services as part of their repertoire.

Apart from a wide variety of solar-related services, the company also offers a 25-year product and power output warranty to customers who purchase solar equipment outright or in installments. The website states that each of their solar energy units comes with system monitoring.

Although highly professional and informative, their website lacks some information we were seeking. It refers to an 86 point quality inspection but provides little context into what that entails. Read on to find out more about KOTA Energy Group, their services, and the pros and cons of picking this solar company.


  • Solar Consultations
  • Flexible Financing Options
  • They are a comprehensive provider of solar services.

KOTA works closely with vetted solar installers to facilitate installation services for their clients. They also dabble in several products apart from solar energy systems. According to the website, they provide automation systems, battery storage systems, and even roofing services.

Solar Consultations

KOTA Energy Group provides custom quotes to prospective customers, who can obtain one when they request a consultation. Potential clients need to fill the quote request form on their website. The required details include a phone number, zip code, email address, and physical address. Customers can also leave additional information on this form if they feel the need to provide further specifications.

The company website remains vague about how the consultation process occurs. They prominently display their contact details at the bottom of their website’s homepage so that customers can get in touch if they have any questions regarding their process.

Flexible Financing Options

KOTA Energy Group works together with several solar financing institutions. Their list of partners include Mosaic, Renew Financial, and Loanpal, which enable them to offer customers three ways to acquire solar systems:
Through outright solar purchases – Consumers with extra cash at hand can purchase solar equipment outright and receive incentives and tax benefits, solar monitoring, and a

25-year Warranty

Via a solar loan – consumers can also gain ownership of solar equipment with little to no upfront costs and low monthly payments. They also receive tax credits, system monitoring, and a 25-year warranty.
Via a power purchase agreement (PPA) – Consumers who don’t want to own solar systems can still access solar energy via PPAs. This option allows them to install and run solar systems, but it doesn’t grant them ownership of the systems. Therefore, they don’t get tax benefits. The consumers only pay for KWH production, and they still receive system monitoring.



  • Website limited information
  • Solar company vs broker

Website Limited Information

KOTA Energy Group’s official website lacks a lot of information that would be helpful to customers. Although they list all the products and services that they offer, they don’t go in-depth, so a prospective customer may still have questions even after browsing through their homepage.
Information is lacking, particularly regarding their financing processes, warranty details, state coverage, installer details, and service costs.
Customers with any questions must reach out to a company representative for additional information.

Solar Company vs. Broker

KOTA Energy Group brokers solar services and products for interested customers. That means that most of their services are offered indirectly through partner companies. This could prove to be an advantage by providing flexibile options for custom installations or when entertaining  multiple solutions for your unique solar needs.
The same applies to their financing options. However, it seems that some services, like site assessment and consultation, are offered directly.

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Last Updated: December 13, 2020

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KOTA Energy Group is a solar brokerage company that indirectly offers its services through other solar and financing companies. They have a wide range of services and products on offer, but their website offers little information about some of their business's critical aspects, for example, their rates and processes, without conducting an in-person or phone consulation.

It is assuring that they work with established solar firms like Sunrun. New customers should take the time to speak to a company representative through phone or email to learn all the specifics of their services.

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