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ForMe Solar

  • Leveraged Partnerships
  • Roof Penetration Warranty
  • Offers Panel Maintenance and Repair


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Solar energy is useful and comes with a cheaper budget. It is also environment-friendly. As a result, many businesses have ventured into the solar industry, making it hard for customers to choose a company to meet their needs.

As a result, we decided to save clients time by researching the best solar installation company one can find on the market today.

In this analysis, we evaluate the pros, cons, of ForMe Solar.


  • All Round Services
  • Numerous Financing Options
  • Partnerships with Other Players in the Industry
  • Multiple Warranty Options
  • Educative Website

All Round Services

Many companies subcontract services to attend to their client needs. This practice could be due to not enough personnel, equipment, or lack the expertise and tools. But not with the Forme Solar Company. All clients' solar needs are met by the same company.

Forme Solar consists of skilled and experienced consultants, product designers, rooftop solar installers, system inspectors and repairers, roofers, and solar panel removers. The company also has the best modern energy storage.

The team of dedicated personnel will attend to homeowners' solar needs on time and offer the necessary advice where necessary. The team will inform the client of installing new solar panels or performing a maintenance or repair service. If installing a solar panel for the first time, the company's solar technicians inspect the customer's premises and advise on the recommended solar system to install in order to meet your needs.

Numerous Financing Options

The company puts into consideration the different financial capabilities their clients have. As a result, Forme Solar has tailor-made various financing options to fit multiple groups of people. A client can either pay for the panels in cash, loan, lease, or an PPO agreement.

For more information about the company's financial options, a client would have to log into its website. Details of each financial method, benefits, and disadvantages get well stipulated on the site for all to access. As a result, customers can make concrete decisions on what option favors them.

Partnerships with Other Players in the Industry

The installation of a solar system entails a lot. Essential aspects like spare parts, equipment, tools, transport, and finance play a role. Forme Solar has formed partnerships with various businesses offering these services to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Examples are financiers, installers, and suppliers located in various parts of the US. They include SunRun, Panasonic, Tesla, LG Chem, Sunpower, and Q Cells.

Multiple Warranty Options

Most solar businesses offer a one-all warranty, but it's different from ForMe Solar. The company has many warranty options, which it requests its customers to choose to maximize their savings. Consumers enjoy the guarantee of the solar system installed for many years, ensuring value for money.

The roof penetration warranty offered is for seven years, with a 100% transfer guarantee for all their solar systems. Consumers also receive 25 years of workmanship and equipment warranty.

Educative Website

Forme Solar has put rich information on its website for its clients to access. Consumers receive literature on various solar products and how they may acquire them. Everything a customer needs to know about financing, warranties, net metering, equipment, solar batteries, system management and maintenance, and roof repair is included.

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  • New Player

New Player

Having been established in 2017, the Forme Solar Company is new in the industry. Though it consists of professional solar technicians, the experience gained is less. Fortunately, this does not hinder it from offering top-notch solar services. It is on par with other companies that have been in the industry for a long time.

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Last Updated: December 09, 2020

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Forme Solar offers professional, top-notch solar equipment, multiple financing options, and various warranties. If you want to install a new solar system in your home or have the existing one repaired or serviced, consider contacting Forme Solar.

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