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Most manufactures, including solar panel makers, utilize various methods to get their products off the assembly line and into the hands of customers. One method is via dealerships; this technique offers several logistical and tactical benefits to both the business as well as consumers of its products.

For starters, dealerships allow producers to minimize their exposure to sales and marketing and concentrate their efforts on the best manufacturing methods. Similarly, established dealers already have relationships with existing consumers, meaning that the products will reach a wider consumer base and attend and respond to customer needs promptly.

And that is where Eclipse Energy, an authorized SunPower dealer shines. Sunpower is an industry leader when it comes to the production of solar panels. The giant prides itself on producing high-quality solar panels to create more energy than traditional solar methods in a sleek, modern design.


Well trained professional staff

Eclipse Energy is an authorized Sunpower dealer. All of the Eclipse Energy representatives are well trained to handle SunPower products and can develop customized solar designs with a comprehensive solar plan for your property.

No Subcontractors

Most solar panel manufacturers hire subcontractors for installations. As an authorized dealer of Sunpower, Eclipse Energy uses their own qualified and accredited technicians to design and install solar panels rather than subcontractors. The potential advantage is a more tailored customer service experience by working with the same representatives from start to finish.


Transparency is at the core of any good business relationshi - and trust helps build transparency. Withholding or keeping important data close to the vest erodes trust. Eclipse energy understands that consumers want to be furnished with enough data to make informed decisions.

Being upfront with clients means Eclipse Energy puts an emphasis on what is best for their clients. According to their website, Eclipse Energy's main focus is helping consumers solve their power problems and navigate the solar process.

Tier 1 Panels

Eclipse Energy considers their Sunpower panels to be of the highest quality. This is to help ensure consumers get more value for their investment. Eclipse performs routine inspections on shipments of equipment to ensure the highest quality and standards of their installs and service.

Admirably Conspicuous Craft

At Eclipse energy, all the technicians are trained to follow a performance guide that ensures every project is clean, safe, and, most importantly, effective. This is what has earned the company great regards from inspectors and clients.

Eclipse Energy's staff and crew's vast knowledge of general construction and electrical work helps to ensure that every solar panel installed not only works to its full capabilities - but, also looks clean and professional.


Roof Suitability is required.

For Sunpower solar panels to work well, your roof must be sturdy enough to support the panels. For instance, a 4kW unit has 16 panels weighing around 280kg. But this may not be as much of an issue today, as most roofing materials are designed to support solar panels. It is only wooden or slate roofs that may of some concern which can be addressed at the time of inspection/estimate.


Most solar applications are mainly used in real-time or during the day when the sun is shining. This means most households with solar rely heavily on utility grids for energy in cases where sunlight is limited. However, this is not a problem for SunPower solar panels, thanks to the robust SunPower solar storage solutions.

Impact on environment

As with most manufacturing processes, solar manufacturing may have an impact on the environment (from the materials used to create the panels to transportation and more). However, of all energy generation processes, solar is popularly viewed among those with minimal footprint. Sunpower is popularly believed to manufacture one of the most eco-friendly solar possible panels on the market.

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Last Updated: December 09, 2020

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Sunpower panels provided by Eclipse Energy are designed to produce huge environmental benefits. Ongoing technology enhancements help to produce a more efficient panel at an affordable rate.

In a sector where most solar firms come and go, Eclipse energy works hard to secure its place by providing exception customer service to all of its clients as an approvced authorized Sunpower dealer. Eclipse Energy positions themselves to ensure you serviced during installation and for any cleaning, upgrades, or ongoing maintenance

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