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Creative Solar USA (CSUSA) is a solar company that sells, installs, and maintains solar systems. Their website shows that the company’s main address is in Kennesaw, Georgia, but there appears to be little information detailing when they were established and a complete list what states they service.

The company provides solar services for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Creative also provides auxiliary solar equipment like solar batteries in addition to installation, repair, and maintenance services. Like many solar companies in the US, they have a variety of purchase options available, including solar loans with no upfront payments.

Their website lacks geographical information; it makes up for tons of resources on solar equipment and how they work. It has an FAQ section that addresses most of the concerns a new customer might have.

This review explores the pros and cons of CSUSA to determine how the company stacks up against its competitors.


Highly Customized Setups

CSUSA installs solar systems for residential homes and commercial buildings. In both cases, they offer three installation options: traditional rooftop installations, ground-mounted installations, and custom installations.

They also tailor solar installations for commercial agricultural applications, which benefits business owners with incentives like the USDA Reap Grants.

NABCEP-Certified Installers

The company has a sizeable staff that consists of NABCEP-Certified technicians, system designers, solar consultants, and trained electricians. Although the company website doesn’t state the date of establishment, it says that these technicians have years of experience and are capable of installing highly customized setups for both commercial and residential buildings.

25-Year Equipment Warranty

CSUSA offers a no-leak roof guarantee, a manufacturer product guarantee, and a manufacturer performance guarantee for all residential solar PV installations. All three warranties are valid for 25 years, and they cover racking equipment and micro-inverters as well.

They also attach a limited installation services warranty that covers work defects and installation problems. The website encourages customers to reach out for more details about warranties.

Flexible Payment Options

CSUSA follows the trend by offering various purchase options for their solar equipment. Customers can purchase setups outright or pay for them via monthly installments with little to no cash required upfront. Their website doesn’t specify whether they also offer power purchase agreements (PPAs), which allow customers to pay for power while the company retains the equipment.

Speedy Installation

According to reviews on their website and the detailed information about their solar installation services, CSUSA technicians can install solar systems in one day. However, that may depend on the size of the setup as well as the complexity of the site.

Commercial setups may also take longer since businesses typically have larger power requirements, but the company promises to install every system in a timely fashion.

This 24-hour installation period may not account for the preliminaries, such as site inspection, system design, obtaining permits, and the assessment of the client’s current utility bills, so that the whole process may take longer than a day from start to finish.


  • 5-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Little Information About Coverage

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Even though they offer a 25-year warranty for their solar equipment's performance and status, the company does not offer a similar workmanship warranty, which covers issues brought on by defective installations.

They only offer a 5-year workmanship warranty, and while that’s better than nothing, most of the companies they compete with provide 25-year workmanship warranties to their clients as well as 25-year equipment warranties.

Little Information About Coverage

Although Creative Solar website does provide a lot of quality information it is unclear what states the company covers. That’s a huge obstacle for people who might want to inquire about their respective states' services.

Nevertheless, customers can reach out to company representatives to determine whether they provide solar installation services in their states. The company’s contact details are prominently displayed on their website.

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Last Updated: December 13, 2020

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Creative Solar USA is a solar company that provides solar installation and maintenance service in the US, but there is no indication as to which states they operate in. They offer customized setups that include ground-mounted PV panels and agricultural solar setups for commercial applications too.

Though their website doesn’t specify whether they offer PPAs as a purchase option, customers can still buy or loan solar equipment with little upfront costs and small monthly installments. All their equipment come with 25-year warranties, plus a 5-year workmanship warranty.

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